Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ruska Roma - Руска́ Рома́ - Русские цыгане - Gipsyes

      The history of the Roma is one of continuous struggle and persecution. Since their entry into Europe, the Roma have been outlawed, enslaved, hunted, tortured, and murdered. From the time of the Slobuzenja (Abolition of Romani Slavery) in 1856, to the present day, the Roma have fought for their just social and human rights, largely to the deaf ears of world governments and an indifferent public.

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3:34Ляля Чёрная, "Бродяга"

3:20Kalinka ~ Калинка ~ Καλίνκα (Instrumental HQ)

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Russian Gypsy music - Two Guitars" - "Две гитары

4:41Очи Черные - Dark Eyes 

Little Russian girl with, probably, her mother and baby sibling

russian gypsy

 Питер Селлерс (Piter Sellers)

Click on image below to see and hear A Gypsy's Violin

Gypsy dance

Romany Gypsy collection goes on sale

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6:20Russian GYPSY Songs

Gypsy camp

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Gypsy dance

Romani Gypsy dance in native Romani costume. Dancing barefooted Gypsy girl

Gypsy pop songs

Gypsy camp

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