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Power to the people - In 1902, the American company Hamilton Beach patented the first electric vibrator available for retail sale, making the vibrator the fifth domestic appliance to be electrified, after the sewing machine, fan, tea kettle, and toaster, and about a decade before the vacuum cleaner and electric iron.


The world's first vibrator was a 1734
wind-up model called the Tremoussoir.

“THE TREMOUSSOIR” (1734, France): Widely considered the world’s first vibrator, it depended on wind-up action from inserting a key in the hole marked “D.” After revving up, you applied “B” to the area requiring “massage.”

Type A, c. 1902 (detail)

The origin of the word “dildo” remains unclear. Most experts seem to think it’s derived from the Italian diletto, which means “pleasure” or “delight.” Others peg it on the Latin dilatare, which roughly translates to “dilate” or “open wide.” There’s also an old British folk song called “The Maid’s Complaint for Want of a Dil Doul,” and the words “dil doul” allegedly translate as “erect penis,” but fuck if I could find out from what language. Regardless of its derivation, it remains a crass, ugly word—“dildo.” It’s hard to sound classy and refined while saying it. Try it if you don’t believe me.

Backpack vibrator again

USB powered vibrator


Love Yourself, Love Your Planet Take landfill-clogging batteries out of the equation with Sola, a small bullet-shaped vibrator powered by the sun. ($69.95; shop.libida.com)

Conflict-Free Rubbers When you buy your condoms from the French Letter Condom Company, a chunk of the proceeds go toward ensuring that the rubber-plantation workers receive fair wages. (approximately $13; ethicalsuperstore.com)

A Kinder CondomVegan condoms by Glyde are produced without the milk protein found in some latex, and aren't tested on animals. ($10; thesensualvegan.com)

S&M With a ConscienceEarth Erotics' Standard Recycled Rubber Whip is a handcrafted spanker made from recycled car and truck tire parts. ($40; eartherotics.com)






ElectroErotic Neon Wand - For Electrifying E-Stim

ElectroErotic Neon Wand - For Electrifying E-Stim

ElectroErotic Neon Wand - For Electrifying E-Stim

Retail Price: $189.99
Libida Price: $154.99

Shelton Deluxe-Wayne Vibrator, c. 106

In 1653 Pieter van Foreest, called Alemarianus Petrus Forestus, published a medical compendium titled Observationem et Curationem Medicinalium ac Chirurgicarum Opera Omnia, with a chapter on the diseases of women. For the affliction commonly called hysteria (literally, "womb disease") and known in his volume as praefocatio matricis or "suffocation of the mother," the physician advised as follows:

When these symptoms indicate, we think it necessary to ask a midwife to assist, so that she can massage the genitalia with one finger inside, using oil of lilies, musk root, crocus, or [something] similar. And in this way the afflicted woman can be aroused to the paroxysm. This kind of stimulation with the finger is recommended by Galen and Avicenna, among others, most especially for widows, those who live chaste lives, and female religious, as Gradus [Ferrari da Gradi] proposes; it is less often recommended for very young women, public women, or married women, for whom it is a better remedy to engage in intercourse with their spouses.

Magnetic Massage (detail)

Solar Charged Vibrator

Solar Charged Vibrator

solar powered vibrator 29690 1295882387 6 Solar Powered Sex Toy For Patient Horny Hippies

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One of the first vibrators was a steam-powered device called the "Manipulator", which was created by American physician George Taylor, M.D. This machine was a rather awkward device, but was still heralded as some relief for the doctors who found themselves suffering from fatigued wrists and hands...

Barker Universal, c. 1904

The engineers who created this little honey must have worked, um, long and hard to get it right. We understand howit works—a fold-out solar panel heats it up—we’re just still trying to figure out the why. (Power-outages? Camping trips? The apocalypse?)  $33.95 ::69 Love Toys

Hello Kitty vibrator
Hello Kitty Vibrator

Men will stick their dicks in anything, whether it’s their own hand, your mouth, an overripe cantaloupe, raw liver, a dead eel, or a hole in the wall. Unlike their delicate, intuitive, empathic, easily bruised sisters, men never seem to have a problem getting aroused and releasing their pent-up libidinal tensions. They may be laughably “dysfunctional” when it comes to pleasing a partner, but almost never when it comes to pleasing themselves. Men never seem to have trouble figuring out how to cum. After waking up one morning at age 13 with a stubborn, angry hard-on, they clutch the.....


Click to see "how to" video
4:26How to make a home made FLESHLIGHT (sex toy)

White Cross (detail)

In 1869, an American, George Taylor, invents a machine he calls the manipulator, which is basically a steam-powered, coal-fired vibrator.

An assortment of erotic use Violet Wand attachments. The tempered and evacuated glass tubes are backfilled with noble gas, causing them to emit sparks and glow with various colors when the violet wand is powered.
Type K, c. 1920

Sears used to make one, a vibrator, in fact, you could buy a motor from the Sears Roebuck Catalog, a little electric motor, and you could buy a vibrator attachment...    no home should be without one.

Antique Dildo auctioned for 5 grand. 18th Century French Women love 10 inchers

Two historic sex toys thought to date back to the 1700s have been sold at an Essex auction for £3,600.

The wooden items, believed to be French, were auctioned at Brentwood Antiques Auction on Thursday.

Auctioneer Wendy Wood said: "You might laugh but it's a good opportunity for investment. You won't see another one in a long time."

An anonymous bidder bought the pair which come with their own leather-lined case.

One of the objects measures 10in (25cm) and the other 11in (28cm).

Staff at the auction described the sex toys as "extraordinary and exceptionally rare".

The catalogue description read: "Designed to please Lot 340 - an extraordinary and exceptionally rare "Travel Godermiche".

"A pair of wooden phallus contained within a fitted kid leather covered Treen case with strap fleurs-de-lys decoration

"The case, although having a re-lined interior, appears to have aged commensurate with the phallus."
sex toys

Glass Dildo

Mahogany wood dildo

Maximus Enhancement Ring 5 Stroker

Antique Dildo Chair

Antique Dildo Chair


The action is a plunging motion of the center disk at the end combined with a rotating eccentric weight. There were also applicators that would screw into the center disk. Marked Pat. applied for, Serial No. 6681. Could be from as early as the early 1880's or as late as about 1900.

VEEDEE Vibrator

The Veedee is an eccentric weight based vibrator. By loosening a nut the offset of the spinning weight can be adjusted thus controlling the magnitude of the vibration. This vibrator serial number 58199, c1906 came in a complete set with a plush lined case and a variety of applicators. Made by J.E. Garratt, 96 Southwark Street, London S.E.

Dr. Johansen's Auto Vibrator

Pat'd March 5, 1907, Made by KNY-Sheerer Co. New York.


Serial number 9651, pat'd December 1st, 1908, Made by Eureka Vibrator Co., 1283 Broadway, New York.


Here we have three variations of a wood encased vibrator. The label plates all say "Made in Japan" and give a manufacturer in the form of a trade mark symbol. I have been told the term "Made in Japan" would not have been used until 1922 and I don't expect this model would have survived on the market into the depression so I date these from the 1920's.

White Cross Electric Vibrator No.8

1914 trade literature describes this as a Combination Portable Dry Cell Machine. Giving Heavy Mechanical Vibration Very Strong Faradic Electric Current and a Mild Galvanic Current. This unit is serial No 18269 operates on 12 dry cell batteries. Manufactured by Lindstrom, Smith Co. Chicago, IL

Vibro Battery Vibrator by Ash Flash

My best guess for vintage would be 1950's or early 1960's. Power is by 2 standard C cell batteries. Manufactured by the H. J. Ashe Company, Inc. South Norwalk, Conn.

The Globe Compressed Air Vibrator

Globe Manufacturing Co., Battle Creek, Michigan, USA

Chas. A. Cyphers

This was a doctors vibrator that probably dates from the 1890's. Manufactured by Chas. A. Cyphers, Buffalo, New York, USA

The Steam-Powered, Coal-Fired Vibrator

The “Technology of Orgasm” author, Rachel Maines,

recounts the outrageous history of female genital “manipulators,” from water-powered turbines to the contraption called the Chattanooga.

"In the 1880s, in Britain, a fellow by the name of Joseph Mortimer Granille invents the modern electro mechanical vibrator that we all know and love, and it was attached to, because there was no line electricity in 1883, it was attached to this huge, 40-pound wet cell battery, slosh, slosh, that you had to tote around if you wanted to take it anywhere, and it was attached by these completely uninsulated wires, you look at them now and you go, "Ooh," and wrapped around these little brass posts.... "

Regal Vibrator, Model 4400, c. 1930

In Iceland, archeologists have recently unearthed an obviously phallic object which testing has revealed to be 106,000 years old and thus the undisputed title-holder to the much-coveted “World’s Oldest Dildo” crown. 

Trillium 'Pear Of Anguish' Steel Locking Anal Plug

Trillium 'Pear Of Anguish' Steel Locking Anal Plug

Price: $184.95


Savage Love

Advice for beginning buttsexers? We're having trouble getting started. —Hole New World
Start with rimming, during or immediately after a shower, move on to fingers, small toys, and finally dick. Take your time! Work up to buttsex over a week or two, HNW, not in a single evening. Lots of lube, penetration should be slow and very controlled, breathe, medical marijuana.

Will I become addicted to my vibrator?
Some women need the intense and prolonged stimulation of a vibrator in order to reach orgasm. This does not mean they have become dependent on their toy any more than saying a woman with a broken leg is dependent on her crutch. In fact, you are not broken, but might need the stimulation for your first orgasms, or for quick orgasms, or for multi orgasms. Many women who have had their first orgasms with a vibrator find that having learned of their body’s response, they are better able to orgasm in other ways as well.

The Wand requires no hands

Pocket Rocket Vibrator

By 1900, an estimated 100 different vibrators had appeared on the market, most of them confined to the physician’s lair. They depended on anything from steam power to gas engines to air pressure to good ol’ glowin’ coal.

Tesla Turbine Power - Turbine POWER

Ani Niow built this steam powered vibrator (above). It has a milled stainless steel shell with a brass motor structure. The motor is a Tesla turbine made from a stack of Dremel diamond cutoff wheels. This drives an off-center weight to create the vibration. She tested it using a pressure cooker as the steam source. It worked, but became so hot it had to be held using welding gloves. It works just as well with compressed air though.

Super Douglas Vibrator, c. 1930

Beautysage, c. 1930

Chic Glorifier, c. 1950

The model that everybody seems to like the best, the Chattanooga, which had to be shipped by freight because it was so heavy, it stood about 5 feet tall and in fact, it's in the Vibrator play, they **** from Sarah Wolfe's play. They've made a rooftop Chattanooga and it rolls on wheels and it had to have a huge counterweight, about this big, because with the vibratode attached to the vibrating head at about the five foot level, if you roll it up to the, roll it around, it would've fall over if it didn't have this counterweight...

“THE CHATTANOOGA” (1904, U.S.A.): Steam-powered and nearly five feet tall, this vibrator required two men to shovel coal into a furnace while a physician manipulated a patient’s genitals from the other side of a wall using a mechanical arm.

Hollywood Vibratone (detail)

Grow your own...
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Phallosan - How it works

Lady Norelco Home Beauty Salon, c. 1970

5 years ago

7 pound dildo fight

two guys fight with dildos
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Vanguard, c. 1962

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3:31The Rhino by TRAZ

Norelco Massager, c. 1970

On June 30, 1966, Jon H. Tavel applied for a patent for the "Cordless Electric Vibrator for Use on the Human Body", ushering in the modern personal vibrator. The patent application referenced an earlier patent dating back to 1938, for a flashlight with a shape that left little doubt as to a possible alternate use. The cordless vibrator was patented on March 28, 1968, and was soon followed by such improvements as multi-speed and one-piece construction, which made it cheaper to manufacture and easier 
to clean.
bigger product image
diesel engine vibrator

#1 Male Masterbators & MASTERBATION TOYS FOR MEN.Male Masterbators: Masterbation Devices & Masturbator Pocket Pussy's devices for male.
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Vibratex Koi Dual Vibe

Vibratex Koi Dual Vibe
Brand: Vibratex

List Price: $114.21
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Color: Lavender
Size: Average
Shipping Weight (lbs): 0.7
Dimensions (in): 5 x 1.3 x 9.4
Warranty: 1-year

Model: 15-7
UPC: 896909001183
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Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

  • Firm tickler for direct stimulation
  • Made of latex free vinyl
  • Compatible with water or silicone based lubes
  • Crafted in Japan
  • Insertable length 5"
  • Insertable length 5
Product Description
Loose tumbling pearls for added sensation

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