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Heaven touches earth with these fingers

Andrés Torres Segovia, 1st Marquis of Salobreña
February 21, 1893 – June 2, 1987

Around 1909 he gave his first recital, making his debut at the Centro Artistico in Granada. After that he settled in Seville, where he met many other young artists, and gave recitals in the west of Spain - at Huelva, Jerez and Cádiz. In 1913, Segovia moved to Madrid, where, at the workshop of Manuel Ramirez, this most renowned of luthiers presented him with his first guitar of quality. 

Andrés Segovia in 1963

"I have to be present at every note I play."

"I practice only five hours a day, no more. Work is necessary and a pleasure. It is like those old paintings of Jacob's Ladder with angels climbing up and down, rung by rung - although they have wings."

Guitar by Hermann Hauser, 1937, Munich, Germany. 
Concert guitar of Andrés Segovia's from 1937 until 
1962. Gift of Emilita Segovia, Marquessa of Salobreña

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Andres Segovia by Tim Bye

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5:57Andre Segovia 1934

Andres Torres Segovia teaching Michael Lorimer at the 
1965 master class. Winston Salem, North Carolina


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