Sunday, January 15, 2012



Premium See-Thru Crush-Proof Dust Collection Hose

A worker uses a suction hose to remove oil washed 
ashore in Louisiana from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 

Heavy Duty Hose connection between RV Coach 
and tow vehicle. Brass fittings on both ends.

Petroline Hose

Garden Hose

Mya Wood Handle hookah hose (72 inches) – One of the most trusted names in hookah, Mya is the producer of these fine semi-washable, contemporary style hoses.

Ultra-high-pressure hydraulic hose assemblies with crimped on fittings and couplings/nipples and operating pressures starting at 10,150 PSI (700 bar)

Reinforced High Presssure Tree Spray Hose

(A1687-10X300) 5/8 Reinforced Spray Hose - 300 roll


Sir Walter Raleigh in paned trunk hose

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