Monday, April 9, 2012


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Customer in Ultrawide Garden Hat




The submitter of this photo swears that the following story is 100% true. No posse was hidden in the car with their discreet video cameras and slow-smirks blazing, but maybe this was a masterpiece of NYC subway performance art all the same:

“When I ride the R train I like to beatbox. If I hold my hand out sometimes people give me money, other times I get dap from the youngsters (it’s a sign of respect apparently), but most of the time people try to ignore me as I remind them that even after all these years It’s (still) All About The Benjamins. 

This day was different. On this day my musical stylings were matched by this lyrical genius. He tilted his hat, folded his newspaper and proceeded to be the Fresh Prince to my Jazzy Jeff. We held the train under the spell of our call-and-response. We channeled the greats from an almost forgotten era…Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Premier & Guru (RIP), Eric B. & Rakim. For a brief moment, time stopped. We were a two-man revolution. There were no contenders. We never spoke again.”

- Khris Pants



10 Easter Hats to Resurrect Your Style


tootsie in easter hat

10 Easter Hats to Resurrect Your Style

One small step


10 Easter Hats to Resurrect Your Style

Judith Leiber is perhaps best known for her rhinestone-covered handbags, purses, and boxes, which are known as minaudieres. This one from 1980 is shaped like a grouse.

Remember the Magic Eye Puzzle Granny? This is her American counterpart, Color Blindness Test Granny. If you can’t read the backwards number seven in the above photo, then you have to go to the doctor. Here again is abundant proof that older Chinese folks can be our fashion mentors.
Hughster got this photo in NYC’s Chinatown and noted that while it’s hard to see, she is in fact wearing a “Football Is Life” hat.

10 Easter Hats to Resurrect Your Style

A katydid with a light touch tells tales of small spaces

10 Easter Hats to Resurrect Your Style

10 Easter Hats to Resurrect Your Style

Easter Sunday 2


10 Easter Hats to Resurrect Your Style

Red guerre

Easter Sunday Hat 5




An occasional sojourner in the pocket
of a forgotten flower, every nook
& hidden place glowing,
navigating the underworld
with one eye half-shut.

An ant navigates the underworld with one eye half-shut

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