Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cat & Mouse

 Changes in Australia's Food Culture

Mouse plague could last for years

  • The Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation has warned farmers Australia's mouse plague could last for years.

People from all over Australia logged on to an emergency web forum to ask questions on how to manage rising numbers of mice.
Attendees were told the mouse plague this spring will be the biggest in Australia's history.
The GRDC warns the mouse plague poses new threats for human health.
High numbers of mice have already been present on many farms this autumn, spreading germs and urine in buildings and farm equipment.
The GRDC's Rohan Rainbow says the risk of leptospirosis is now heightened as a result.
Residents of Melbourne are lining up for the State of Victoria's free cat insemination program, in order to cash in on the burgeoning retail price of big mouser cats.

Large pile of mice in Victoria awaiting Coles 
Supermarket freezer trucks

A good mouser is literally worth his weight in gold

Affordable new protein choice?

My kitty is one-mouse-eating-mommy-XXXXXX

PETA warns of cat hoarding

"You Know The Mouse Plague Is Bad When Priests Start Starving Cats...."

Mickey meets Minnie for short courtship

Cat adoptions...

Kittens for sale.
Cat gourmands, here checking out the meaty merchandise in front of Walmart, are in shock at high price of cat meat. Will they switch to the McMousewitch? Or will the blackmarket cat meat supply satisfy their dark cravings?

Popular new Melbourne street food snacks - baby mice

"Humans have eaten mice since pre historic times and still eat them as a delicacy throughout eastern Zambia and northern Malawi, where they are a seasonal source of protein. Mice are now becoming routinely consumed by humans elsewhere due to the falling prices for mouse meat as a protein scource..."

Mice on the barbie

Hand selecting for plump tenderness

Always Fresh - the new McMousewich at participating McDonalds

Food-grade, live "Pinkie" mice for sale to Tapas 
Bars and restaurants. Victoria Wholesale Food Market

Alternative to Tokyo Tsukiji Market: Kyoto Wholesale Food Market 京都中央卸市場

Victoria Wholesale Food Market

New Favorite at Tapas Bar, Melbourne

Dim Sum

Of Mice and Men

Queued up to be inseminated 
for National Mouser Initiative

Mouse-infested pantry

Pedigreed Champion Mouser, 
Galahad van hetHof van Logress Stud Muffin

Cats on Melbourne veterinary surgeon'c cat 
insemination assembly line

Economists Warn of Economic Disaster 
AFTER the Mouse Plague is Over
You may be thinking that this bloody mouse plague is bad, just wait for the coming cat plague! 
Melbourne - April 1, 2012
The recent heavy investment trend in the feline food industry, to take advantage of the escalating value of all feline products, will become bankrupt when the mouse plague disappears. The glut of cats will have a disastrous effect on world primary cat production markets.

Prices of Kung Pow Cat are rising sharply on Chinese 
restaurant menus... Kung Pow Mouse?

Instead of cat, try mouse*

Delicious Belisian Gibnut (mouse)

Gibnut (Belisian mouse)

Click for video

Eating Gibnut (mouse) in Belize

We try eating Gibnut with rice and beans. We later find out its a mouse reffered to as "The Royle Rat" as it was once served to the royal Queen. 

* Rory's Gibnut Stew 


    One gibnut (substitute common field mouse), 

skinned and cleaned. 


    Spices (Pepper, thyme, basil)


    Optional:  either...

        Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Chicken, Cream of Celery ...soup. 

    Gibnet Broth*

    Vegetables, including 



        Pearl Onions

    Red wine and Angostura Bitters, to taste

    Optional:  Worchestershire Sauce or Terriyaki Sauce


    Cut gibnet into portions. (The head is probably not a good portion, but makes an excellent broth*)

    Optionally:  Marinate for 24 hours in Sauce

    Mix spices with flour and roll pieces in flour until well coated.

    Lightly brown all pieces in hot oil.

    Add gibnet broth and simmer until meat is fork tender.

    Add vegetables and optional soup and cook until vegetables are tender.  

    Add wine Angostura Bitters and simmer for ten minutes to develop final taste

    Salt and pepper to taste and serve.

"Keep your filthy hands off of my Puss"
Online Cat Meat Butcher, Buy Cat Meat Online, Kitty Beef
Welcome to Kitty Beef, your online Premium Cat Meat Supermarket, where you can order your cat meat, and have it delivered in vacuum sealed freshness directly to your door. We provide top quality cat meat and stand by all our products.
We apologize to our customers for the high prices we are now forced to charge due to market fluctuations beyond our control.

End of an era - cat meat is now too 
dear for the barbie, mate

Pussy Bondage

Couple heads out for a family day of hot 
fun at the St. Kilda Kitty S&M Parlor

Melbourne Kitty S&M parlors forced to use plush cat dolls. 
"Just not the same", complains Kitty S&M Parlor customer.
Note the piano - WTF ??? Kitty S&M music, popular new 
music genre? Listen for it on Australian Idol.

Click to hear S&M Pussy Cat song (hardcore)

 A typical Australian Blind Cave Mouse has litters in multiples of three... 

Three very pale Blind Cave Mice

Cat lovers: "Here kitty, kitty..."

Exhausted tom cat -  all used up as a kitty stud....

Pretty Pussy

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