Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Civics Lesson in mattressback politics

Arizona elections chief seeks proof of Obama's citizenship;_ylt=A2KJNF_0hbdPQxYABbzQtDMD

Can well-intentioned-but-dim, tea-drinking, 

flat-earther, Christian-uber-right  embarrass their 

fellow Arizona Republican cowboys?

Answer: It is just not possible to embarrass a mattress-back vote-hooker.

From Reuters - May 18,2012
Ken Bennett (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)
Mitt Romney's man, mattress-back vote-hooker Ken Bennett, using the mentally challenged for political gain since 1987

Arizona's secretary of state, Ken Bennett, is Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign co-chairman in Arizona. On behalf of a constituent, he seeks proof of Obama's citizenship.... Yes, Ken does know that this was all figured out years ago. Mitt's man will do anything for a vote, it seems.

Earlier this year, hardline Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that an investigation by his office had found that Obama's birth certificate was a forgery. Recently Cowboy Joe, age 80, publicly considered running for president...  of the United States....

Mattressback Cowboy Joe
(Please stick to what you do well, Joe: running your jail.)

Do the words "opportunists", and "A sucker is born every minute", ring any bells here?

Many politicians give honest whores a bad name.

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