Sunday, May 13, 2012

This blog is a snooze, of small importance to the world, with zero power but to entertain me.

Good Visiting wife, sis, close circle of friends, and rare strays: 

This blog is a snooze, intended as a place for me to scrapbook images and words that delight or appall me, to study at my leisure, in a format that I can magnify with a keystroke. This computer and my Kindle posess the ability to allow me to see small things like print and high resolution detail. This is far easier than using a magnifying glass. My 1.5 X magnifying readers don't seem to do it.

At no time have I desired to share what is here with anyone but wife, sister and about four close friends. They may or may not look here, when I send a link to a posting that I believe they might enjoy. Some website sources are linked for me to return to, if I remember to link them.

I do not have any slightest interest in making many from these postings. Please do not send me any money. Please.. I happily pay for Kindle downloads because of their large print choices. If someone kind is willing to teach me how to collect the Web's content that I believe is worth study into one place, other than this, please let me know. Then I will or will not make a decision to change.

This amazing internet gives me access to the world as I am no longer mobile enough to visit that little pub fronted by the lovely cove near Port Elliott, SA, nor Cairo nor London ever again. My next best shot at the world involves walking up close to the wooden boat livery at Lake Union below. Sometimes that's a too stress-filled adventure, juggling my feet, my dog and my shillelagh.  

I just received this shrill comment below informing me that I am a despicable pirate for stealing good, bad and ugly stuff, to put in one magnifiable place, so I can see... 

Of course the source of the posting is recognizable for the caliber that it is. I've never learned much from loud, frantic finger-pointing. We saw a little, certainly enough, of that at our child-care centers. Not all of the kids grew out of the tantrum stage. I can still proudly stomp my mean feet...

What ever happened to respectful conversations? Thankfully I still hear respectful give-and-take at the senior center, and from friendly young folks where we live. We are very fortunate to live among young, international, smart, vocal employees from the Fred Hutch Cancer Center, Microsoft and Amazon in our building.

However there may be a valid point here to consider about using property? I'm not a lawyer. I believe that if something is put on the internet it is purposely put there for anyone to enjoy. Posters do have the option to make images uncopyable. Did I miss something? I've read that publishing has new challenges. Whatever remuneration publishers decide on that fairly compensates is OK by me. I'm sure they will work that one out eventually.

In 71 years I have only made money with my two hands, if money is the issue here. If there is a large print edition of Dan's magazine for me to cut and past into a manageable hard copy to enjoy, I might at one time have considered subscribing, but I will not do so now. The miracle of the internet, paid for or free, is THE modern resource for many of us old pirates now.

I need no pejoratives to describe this commentator's irrelevant character, as he demonstrates that well without help. And yes, sometimes stress convinces me that it is OK for me to be an asshole too. Mea culpa. Perhaps Dan is actually a nice man, just stressed by the professional, asshole, alligators that abound?

 I do believe, however, that Dan has brought up a very valid and obvious question about any use of copyable material that is put on the internet.

I'd love some calm revelations. Much posted on the net is purposely not copyable, I've tried.

What a puzzle hi-tech has brought us.... I think that I'll just escape and go sit back and enjoy some pretty pictures I've "stolen",.. or perhaps read the Kindle copy of Sweet Thursday that I just gladly paid for...

"How about a bit of Dudley Do-abit-of-Copyright?
Most if not all these images are ripped off from Classic Boat - I think more than one are mine. If you are stealing openly then at least do us the honour of putting our names on the photos. Or are you trying to be shady? That's agin the whole publishing ethos. Own up chap and do the right thing. Admit you rip us all off!!
Dan Houston - Editor Classic Boat Magazine"


Dan Houston - Editor Classic Boat Magazine"

G'day Dan,

You are correct, Dan. I "stole" everything on this entire blog from various sources on the net. I am guilty of gathering images that interest and delight or appall me into one place for me to enjoy them. 

I hit the magnify button several times so that I can read print and view online images. Holding my magnifying glass up to magazines and books is a chore wondrously now redundant with Kindle font choices, etc. I am able again to attend Book Club.

Sometimes there are postings here that contain images from sources I pay to subscribe to, mostly they come from web sites that charge nothing to view. I did subscribe to Wooden Boat for many years and have often bought copies of Classic Boat, both delightful magazines. I also built, with kind help, a couple of small, wooden skiffs. 

One keystroke also gets me to Classic Boat, Wooden Boat and the Seattle Weekly, where I often find pleasing images and words. I neither take credit for, nor imply to myself, that I have done any more than collect what I wish to view again. This is my 21st century magnified scrapbook, sans scissors and glue.

I suspect that you may be a rare visitor here. At least to me, it is clear that I do not care if I have an audience on this site. I just sit here and look at the pictures. Perhaps you could suggest another way to do this?

Please identify for me which of these beautiful photographs are yours, so I may label or remove them, at your discretion.

I've never made a dime off of this scrapbook.

Dan, I've always found that active listening, which involves questions and feedback, to be more informative than an assumption, which sheds no light at all...

Flinging pejoratives?  "shady", "ripped off", "stealing", "ethos", "Own up chap and do the right thing. Admit you rip us all off".    

C'mon, Dan.... Clearly you do not know me, but now I know something about you.  I ALWAYS INTEND TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

Rip off for what? To sit in my Lazy Boy and leisurely view what you put on the net to be viewed? I certainly make no money off of other people's work, nor deprive anyone of income, nor care if anyone visits this blog or not. I regularly pay for hard copy subscriptions. Do you publish one in large print?

A simple, polite request would have been sufficient.

Traditional publishing clearly has some hi-tech challenges today. Should you charge for your online material those who would enjoy would pay... How to do that? I wish I knew...

It must be hard for you.

Kevin J.

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