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Dream State

 Collection of amazing photography (34 photos)

 Collection of amazing photography (34 photos)

Funny Picture

 Collection of amazing photography (34 photos)

"You disturb me to the point of insanity. There. I am insane now."

A definite MUST SEE

The Theremin was invented in the early 1900′s by Leon Theremin, and is the only instrument in the world that you play without touching it.  It just looks like a box with two antennae sticking out of it, and you play it by changing the distance that you hold your hands from them.  It’s just about the closest science has come to true telekinetic powers.
Can Be Heard In: “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys

If you want to get as much milk as possible, 
rotate your fingers around the breast to empty 
all the breast segments (see diagram).

21 Bizarre Taxis All Over the World


 Collection of amazing photography (34 photos)

Click below to see first ever 
human-propelled winged flight
Flying like a bird | part 14/141:50Flying like a bird

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Songs For Our Dogs

Three Member's of the Temperance Society
Three Member's of the Temperance Society - Elijah Chapman Kellogg

Optical Illusion

The Miscegenation Ball
The Miscegenation Ball 
Color print of a dance occuring at the Lincoln Central Campaign Club in New York Sept. 22, 1864. A portrait of Lincoln hangs on the wall. Black women fashionably dressed dance and converse with white men.
shrunken head

"...The skin is now turned inside out, and any remaining flesh is scraped away. It is turned right side out again, and the slit in the back where the skull was removed is sewn together and the mouth is tied shut. Several small rocks are heated in a fire and placed into the skin. They are rolled around inside until cool, dumped, and the process is repeated until the tsantsa has shrunk too much to accommodate the stones. Hot sand is used to continue the shrinking. At this time the head is shaped, and a hot knife is pressed against the mouth to dry it. Throughout the shrinking process the neck must be drawn closed with a string that has been sewn through it so that it will remain proportionate to the head..."

The Last Doll Standing

Emerald Bile
What are you fucking looking at? Ball Bag and Noreen would like you to fuck off. We don’t want people here. People who comment on blogs are normally arseholes. This is somewhere for us to discuss things, things we care about. Things like skiing and tennis and the never-ending coverage of that fucking wave, and the fact that Robbie Williams is a cunt. We don’t like John Lennon much either.

Monday, January 16, 2012 

Cave paintings. Like I did them, only with my feet

People who are ruled by their hormones, Creationists and Communists get very excited about history and pre history. The rest of us don't really give much of a fuck about it. I, for example, don't think it matters who used to be King, whether we were once fish, or how we coped before we had knives. Do I have a knife? Yes I do - a fantastic penknife and, what is more, a large range of Sabatier knives in my kitchen. If someone asked me to use a flint to cut stuff with, I would simply use it to cut them.

So when I find myself in the company of any of the above group of people and we end up, say, looking at cave paintings or rock carvings done by our ancestors thousands of years ago, I find it very hard to look interested. Why? Because the paintings and carvings are pure shite. It is worse than when someone shows you the awful scrawls their children produce at nursery, as, judging from the height of the paintings up the wall, they must have been done by a human adult, and adults should be able to draw better than children. I suppose it is just possible, that the paintings and carvings that exist in the world are actually evidence of prehistoric 'special schools', but I doubt it. I don't think there was much difference between normal and special back then, if Stig of the Dump and the Flintstones, with that cretinous great man, are anything to go by.

There is always some wanker who pipes up with a theory about how the paintings are stylised, or they are symbolising some great event, or a way of asking the prehistoric gods for a favour. What a load of old shite. How come these cunt cavemen only ever paint cows? What's that about? I'm not having David Attenborough and nature programmes giving out: '90 percent of the worlds species have disappeared from the planet', and then excusing the cavemen for only ever painting one sort of creature. And if I were a caveman and for whatever barking reason, were only allowed to paint one sort of animal, would I paint a cow? No I fucking well would not. I would paint a Przewalski's horse, racing some other Przewalski's horses. That is all.

TSB:  Oh Shit.

FBI:  Pardon Sir, what was that comment?

TSB:  Ohhhh, I said what a hit.  Imagine, a real FBI agent coming down here to New Zealand to see little ole m

FBI:  Yes Sir, quite an honour I would suggest.  Your pardon Sir, but your accent sounds not dissimilar to others I have heard, but not originating from the antipodes.     

TSB:  Yes, well I'm British.
FBI:  Why Sir, why didn't you say, that puts a completely different complexionimitry on the situation.  The Brits are our closest allies, not like those anti-American New Zealanders.


Gus Williams

I am on the phone to The Meerkat's mother and I idly wander to the front window as I chat.  I see that my lawn has a light smattering of snow.  No, it's not snow, I realise - it's FOAM.  THE FOAM!!! I drop the phone and run outside.  The high winds have whipped the foam into the roses and the clematis... as I wet myself... just finally letting it all go.
End of days, beneath THE FOAM

Anyone who cannot come to terms with his life while he is alive needs one hand to ward off a little his despair over his fate... but with his other hand he can note down what he sees among the ruins.
Franz Kafka

These findings provide support for the idea that creativity does not only involve looser association, defocused or focused attention, lack of fixedness, etc. (suggested in literature), but most likely it is about being flexible, and knowing (either consciously and/or subconsciously) what is functional and when. We reached a similar conclusion in another study of ours, where we found that creative folks displayed more flexible cognitive control. Oshin Vartainian also reported that creative people were better at adjusting their focus of attention as a function of task demands. Based on the provided support, it is apparent then that it's advantageous to be as random as possible for generation of ideas, but sticking with a particular response is predictive of creative originality.

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