Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali I Domenech

I spend lots of time scanning obscure and famous newspapers from all over the world via the Internet. Some of the articles I come across seem a little bizarre at first. 

For example, this tidbit from the Washington Post appears to be way out in left field until one considers that the venue is Washington DC, which is in the Twilight Zone.

Stay dry,

John Yeutter, an accountant at Northeastern State University, wrote a paper in 2010 titled, "Mustached Americans And The Triple Bottom Line: An Analysis Of The Impact Of The Mustache On Modern Society And A Proposal For A Mustached American Tax Incentive." The idea for the Mustached March on Washington seems to have been inspired by that paper, and gained momentum, eventually attracting H&R Block as a sponsor.
Hundreds of thousands of men with mustaches are going to gather in Washington, DC this year to demand tax equity for Mustached Americans. They're hoping to persuade Congress to adopt the Stimulus To Allow Critical Hair Expenses Act, or STACHE Act. The act would allow Mustached Americans to claim tax deductions for expenses such as:

Mustache and beard trimming instruments, mustache wax and weightless conditioning agents, facial hair coloring products (for men and women over 43 years of age), bacon, mustache combs and mirrors and mustache insurance.

The organizations sponsoring this mustached march on Washington are the American Mustache Institute(AMUI) and H&R Block.

Million Mustache March for the Stache Act - An Overview3:36Click to see video
Million Mustache March for the Stache Act 

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