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OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A police officer shot a male suspect in Oakland Friday night after he allegedly attacked officers when they attempted to detain him for urinating in public
police said.

$65,000.00 per year DUMP STATION...

In the Plaza de Cesar E. Chavez Park, a JCDecaux Corporation computerized toilet is a handsome new addition. The 12-foot by 7-foot oval toilet is called "street furniture" by JCDecaux.
One of twelve new pay-toilets in San Jose. The city is leasing the toilets for $65,000.00 per year/per toilet. $780,000.00 every year for a dozen fancy crappers! JCDecaux is making a killing. It's a French company by the way; the French are world renowned in the field of public sanitary devices. The bidet is theirs, and God knows what else. If patrons, say a prostitute and her John, remain in the toilet longer than an allocated 20 minutes, alarm systems kick in: Flashing lights, blaring horns... and who monitors the security cams?

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed


A Nigerian man was killed by the Chinese authorities for answering the call of nature? This Nigerian was killed because of mere urination. if the Chinese authority is so fastidious about people not urinating in public in their country, they should provide adequate public urinary for people with a need to go. To kill a person for simply urinating in public is rather arbitrary - it is an excessive reaction! It is using a hatchet where a scalpel is called for. 

"To kill somebody becuase he urinated in any place regardless, is somewhat over-reaching, scandalous and smacks of arbitrariness and an official lynching! It seems China is becoming more and more Americanized every day.... After all, the man WAS black..."

Chinese authorities arrested a Chinese table-tennis player for public urination outside a Beijing karaoke club. The Chinese table-tennis star, Wang Hao, was however not killed, unlike the Nigerian (see above); but was merely cited and asked to get counselling. He was a two-time Olympic singles silver medallist and not black.

"when you gotta go, you gotta go"

A university in China’s Shaanxi Province has installed six urinals in their female restrooms to save on water usage. The university claims that they could save 160 tons of water daily if all ladies are standing to pee.

The Modern Toilet restaurant in Taiwan with its bizarre toilet theme design and food. Business is going strong, amazingly.
Weird Taiwan toilet theme restaurant

A Japanese Twitter user who found himself stranded in a toilet in Tokyo’s Akihabara with no toilet paper has managed to get out of trouble by sending out tweets.
Japan tweets out of toilet mishap
The toilet paper arrived after 20 minutes and a few retweets. He might be lucky for the fact that Akihabara is a famous electronic town with plenty of geeks and Twitter users around. Try it somewhere else and he might be trapped for a long long time.

Intermission, Between Shows

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You tried to fight the good fight, but if you can’t find somewhere to piss in the next eight seconds, you will be the coolest person since Miles Davis.

Micorsoft Piss

Many of us recycle the packaging containing our food, the boxes we use for moving, the clothes we've outgrown. But when it comes to excreting waste, we usually flush and never look back. Bill Gates plans to change thatThe Gates Foundation is coming up with "innovative solutions" to tackle the egregious sanitary conditions people live in when they have no plumbing to eliminate their own waste. This is a fact of life for 1.1 billion people wordwide, according to the World Health Organization. And given the world's water shortage, the solution can't simply be to install Western toilets in every impoverished town. Gates's solution­: Recycle.

Bill Clinton Peeing

Bill Clinton Pissing Match

"There used to be problems with businesses that had bathrooms but wouldn’t let non-paying customers use them. With many people getting refused facilities they were perhaps peeing on doorsteps and thresholds in revenge."

"Frankly, I don’t see what’s so bad about it. Urine is sterile. It’s not like I’m taking a dump in a playground. You’re probably doing more harm to the environment when you wash your car in your driveway. And what about people who walk their dogs? My street is given a fresh coat of dog pee three to four times a day."

Public urination as spectator sport, particularly fun 
for those trying to ...

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"There is a near impulsive reactionary resentment to public urination".

According to some medical studies, women generally need to urinate more frequently than men. Resisting the urge to urinate because of lack of facilities can promote urinary tract infections which can lead to more serious infections and, in rare situations, can cause renal damage in women

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"Perhaps a long-term solution might be found in toilet-training with an expectation that the commode will actually be used. In the meantime I suggest adult-diaper vending machines."

At one time in the UK, it was legal for a man to urinate in public, so long as it occurred on the rear wheel of his vehicle and he had his right hand on the vehicle. The laws allowing this were the Hackney Carriage Laws.

 "Toilet training is the process of learning to restrict urination to socially approved times and situations. Consequently, some suffer from nocturnal enuresi

Tea Party Potty Humor

A state's law dealing with public urination (and related offenses????):

76-9-702. Lewdness -- Sexual battery -- Public urination.

(5) A person is guilty of public urination if the person urinates or defecates:
(a) in a public place, other than a public rest room; and
(b) under circumstances which the person should know will likely cause affront or alarm to another.
(6) Public urination is a class C misdemeanor.

In Brisbane Australia, a man was killed for urinating in public. The victim died after being died after being punched repeatedly and having masking tape wrapped around his head. because he had urinated on a wall.  They dumped the body in Goong Creek. The court was told they tied bricks to Mr Standish's body, wrapped him in a doona and used a knife to slit his stomach to allow water in so he would sink faster, all because of ordinary urine which evaporates within few minutes? They were arrested and charged with murder but later plead to manslaughter and interfering with a corpse. 

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According to the Times of India story, a colonel was arrested on Saturday afternoon for allegedly killing a 40-year old man who was urinating near the boundary wall of an Army colony. According to the police, colonel Yadav, who is the security in-charge of the colony, saw the man urinating and in a fit of rage beat him up. One of the blows proved fatal.

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It's time to piss in public! The Internets Celebrities - Dallas Penn & Rafi Kam - show you where to go when you have to go! A big-city guide to stress-free urination when you...from internetscelebrities

 "One every five feet or so would do the trick. Maybe with neon arrows pointing the way—real flashy, Vegas shit."

 "Once [the Seattle Seahawks] brought those porta-potties in, it reduced human waste in the square by a third." 

"According to eye witnesses, there was no public restroom within the vicinity hence the victim's decision to empty his urea-sack on a street corner."

Amsterdam has set up 600 portable urinals around the city.

Members of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors will vote on whether to outlaw public urination and defecation or delay the ban until the city Health Commission decides that there are a sufficient number of public rest rooms. But if there aren't enough -- and no one has defined "enough" yet -- who will want a public rest room installed on their block?

"To have on the books a police code specifically prohibiting an act we know everyone has to do doesn't make a lot of sense."

In Seattle, pissing and shitting in public is a ticketable offense; however, neighbors say police resources are spread thin in Pioneer Square, and cops are reluctant to crack down on public evacuators when restrooms are spread few and far between.

There is a shitload of public urination going on

"Grown men are a different story. They seem to not really care where they whip it out. They literally just stand against a wall and piss in broad daylight," 

"Other expressions include "squirting" and "taking a leak", and, predominantly by younger persons for outdoor female urination, "popping a squat", referring to the position many women adopt in such circumstances."

Public urination becomes increasingly commonplace as the 
Bay to Breakers run ...

It’s not civilized, you say? It’s what separates us from the animals? Go to any private golf club in America. Your gender or race might be banned, but peeing in the bushes? Put me down for a 5 and I’ll catch up with you on the tee box.

Male urination

Many males prefer to urinate standing. Extant foreskin (acropostheon) may block the direct path of the outgoing stream by causing turbulence, resulting in a slower but thicker stream of urine that may also dribble. A retracted or absent foreskin may have a more focused stream of urine that travels at the same speed as it exits the urethra. To optimise penile hygiene, adult males are encouraged to retract their foreskin when urinating to prevent any excess urine remaining under the foreskin. When some males are finished urinating, they may shake and/or gently squeeze their penis to expel any excess urine trapped in the foreskin or on the glans. Trousers commonly have a fly allowing men to urinate without lowering them. Trousers without a fly, such as jogging pants, usually have an elastic waist band allowing the male to lower the front side like underpants. Some males prefer to urinate sitting down. For Muslim men this is associated with cleanliness practices or awra. It is also possible to urinate during defecation, as the anal and urethal sphincter muscles are closely linked and can be relaxed together.


"Due to sexual dimorphism, and the positions where the urethra ends, males and females often use different techniques for urination."

"...Runners passing through Park Slope, Brooklyn, on 4th Ave. are treated to a Poland Spring-sponsored water station ... a vacant lot perfect for a quick piss is just one block away. This impromptu public urinal served many runners well today."

Ahhhh. They don't call it a PUBLIC toilet for nothing. 

In Hialeah Florida, a man was shot and killed for urinating in public. According to the narrative, the victim was repeatedly asked to stop urinating along 79th Street and West 5th Avenue in Hialeah. He refused which resulted to a fight wherein another man pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the chest."

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